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How To Save Time and Get Better Results While Designing

March 22, 2017 | Page views: 1510

According to Clark Wimberly, there are many different ways through which you can get a valuable feedback on your design. There are many things to take care of like viewpoints, pressures, overall tight products etc.

If you are designing a website or user interface it requires continues collaboration with your Client to get their point of view and reviews about your work which you have done so far. If you are working with a team they can give you best feedback about your work, without team it is very difficult to find mistakes and there is very less room of improvement in your work.

Current Trends

Basic thing is that your techniques should be up to dated. You should be aware of ongoing trends in the designing market, for that you can follow different social networks on which designers are sharing their views like Twitter or checking blogs.

Considering the Questions

Don’t go too deep in to an explanation. You can overcome your shortcomings through you design. You need to ask some basic questions to your client. When you are working alone on a project, you have to make imaginary boundaries and know those areas on which you have to give extra explanations this will help when you start work you know areas to be targeted.

In other words you need to understand your client’s customer then your customer.

Non-Web Method

You can also get a better feedback from people around you even though they are not directly linked. This is not a big process you just have to show your work to your friends and get their feedback on it on some social gatherings.

Showing it in your friends will help a lot because they don’t hesitate to criticize you and eventually you will come up with some real mistakes and better solution to solve it.

Online Help:

Now a day’s world is like a global village, there are thousands of people available on internet who are willing to share their expertise with other people. You can use this plate form to improve your work and to also solve some problem which you face during your work and you don’t know how to solve them. Another important thing is that you can measure their reaction with a minimal risk.

Taking it to the Team:

There is no benefit of criticism if you don’t react to it. If you fix problem in time and in early stages it will save you time and money. When you hit a wall take it to your team and it is not necessary that team means they all are working on a same project it could be an online team like you have joined same forum or some page of experts.



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