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Importance of responsive web design

April 22, 2016 | Page views: 1500

Since numbers of mobile users are increasing day by day for instance tablets and smartphones

Since numbers of mobile users are increasing day by day for instance tablets and smartphones, the need to mobile friendly website has also increased. While some businesses have two websites, where one site is developed specifically for desktop users and the other for mobile users. You can have one site designed to satisfy the needs of both the mobile users and desktop users. This is achieved with responsive design.
What is Responsive web Design?

The designing of website in a way that all its content, structure and images remain the same on all devices of different sizes. Following are some important reasons why responsive web design is important for your website.

  •  Google recommendations:

 Google is one of the most used search engine and you have to impress it with your website. , following what it
wants is a smart decision. In addition to recommending responsive web design, Google also favors mobile-friendly sites when ranking search results on mobile devices. This is true especially when mobile users are searching for local services.

  •  Decrease the maintenance cost:

If you choose to maintain your regular non-mobile-friendly website, and then develop another website for mobile
devices, it requires you to develop & manage 2-separate SEO campaigns. On the other hand, with responsive web design, you will only need one website to do everything for all the devices. This eliminates the need to invest in managing and maintaining two different websites.

  •  Lower Bounce Rate:

Responsive websites have low bounce rate. With responsive web design, your website won’t have anything that can compromise its content and functionality when it is being viewed on different devices. This has proved to be very helpful for many websites. Non-responsive websites usually suffer from high bounce rates, especially if the content is plainly awkward and very challenging to work with on mobile devices compared to the content that is offered on desktop sites. Websites that have high bounce rates are considered by Google to be irrelevant, thereby causing their rankings to drop. This is also the reason why mobile versions of websites have low rankings.

  •  Website loading time:

Responsive websites load quickly as compared to non-responsive sites. Google likes loading mobile pages in only one second or less. Responsive websites usually don’t require any sort of queries so as to redirect internet users to another (or a different) URL; as a result, this reduces the webpage’s load time.

  •  Easy management:

Responsive or mobile optimized websites are easy to manage. Managing one website is easy as compared to two different websites (a desktop site and a mobile site) as in non-responsive design. Therefore, having a responsive website isn’t only good for your customers; it is also good for your team including every individual, from
developers to content writers.

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