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How to improve website crawling speed

March 29, 2017 | Page views: 2964

Before going to how we can improve web crawling speed we should understand that what is crawler.

Before going to how we can improve web crawling speed we should understand that what is crawler.


Crawlers are also known as “spider” or “bot” and almost all the famous search engines have them. The main purpose of crawlers is to create new entries for a search engine index. They crawl through your website and visit all the content on it in order to create entries. They are specially designed to visit websites which are new or claim that they have updated their content. It crawls through each and every thing uploaded on your website and also follow the links which you have given. It gains its name crawler because of its functionality of going through everything.

Web crawling it very important in SEO and if due to any reason bot can’t crawl through your website smoothly many of your important pages will be not indexed. So here I am going to tell you some techniques which will help you in proper navigation.


Regularly updating your content is very important in SEO, websites which regularly update their content are crawled more frequently than others. There are many easy ways of doing that like you can write blogs and upload them frequently this is a lot easier than adding webpages.

  • How we can maintain blog post frequency

Many websites spend a lot of money and time on updating their content so they provide new content every day. For updating your content blogging is the easiest and cheaper way to do that. There are also some other things which you can do like uploading images or videos. If you want your website to be crawled frequently it is highly recommended that you should update your content three times a week.


Sitemaps are also very important in crawling. Every website owner want that their website should be discover faster by the search engine than the others. Site map submission is the first and most important thing you should do to help search engine find you earlier.

Duplicate Content

If you upload duplicated content on your website it could be really harmful for your website. Web crawler are designed and programmed to find out duplicated content. If you upload such kind of content your crawling rate will surely decrease and it could also possibly leads to banning your website or lowering its ranking. You should try to upload new content and if you are seeking help from somewhere you should use plagiarism checker tools in order to make your content clear.

No Need Of Unwanted Pages

You should prevent crawler to visit those pages which have nothing to do with the customers like admin page or some back end page. It will increase your crawl time and you can prevent it by simply using Robot.txt.

Optimized Images

New images can also help you in frequent crawling but they can’t read images directly so for that you have to write description for every image. Images are also a part of search results but they can be utilized if they are properly optimized.

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