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By the Grace of God another website developed by Team WebComforts is now live. Website is developed in PHP and MySQL with Ajax where ever required. Website has an Admin Panel for the site owner to Manage Almost everything. URL re-writing is done using .htaccess

An Experiment:

Having free hand from the client, we experimented by placing an inquiry form on every page of the website. It gave a tremendous benifit to the client.

Search Engine Optimization:

Almost all the neccessary points were take care of like URL Re-writing, Alt tags, titles, proper image name, proper page title, key word placements etc. However we also incorparated a module in Custom PHP to automatically update sitmap.xml for new pages of the website. It has benifited alot in SEO.

Useful Links of the Website

Home: http://www.skylordstours.com/contact/
Blog: http://www.skylordstours.com/blog/
Contact: http://www.skylordstours.com/contact/