Website Design and Development Process - Complete Guide in 8 Steps

Posted on: Nov 10, 2018 | Page views: 1445

We have listed the complete website design and development process in 8 steps, that we follow for website design and development at WebComforts. Steps are; Client briefing, Information analysis, Preparing the statement of work, UX and UI design, Front-end development, Back-end development, Testing and Project delivery.

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Below is the list of website design and development process we follow for website design and development at WebComforts.

  1. Client briefing
  2. Information analysis
  3. Preparing the statement of work
  4. UX and UI design
  5. Front-end development
  6. Back-end development
  7. Testing
  8. Project delivery

8 Steps Website Design and Development Process:

1. Client Briefing

In the beginning, when client reach us with a task to develop a website. Firstly, we ask our client to brief out the details of the website. After the briefing, we go for the next step.

2. Information Analysis

As soon as we receive a “green signal” from the management, the website work started. The project manager requires a complete website details to have; a list of things that could be improved and a list of suggestions to make the website more effective.

After doing the website analysis, we also analyse for major competitor website to get some ideas and hints, which could help us. Now it’s time to move on the next step.  

3. Preparing the statement of work

In this step, we create layouts and mock-ups first. The purpose is to:

  • make the development process go smoother
  • come up with the easiest and most intuitive site navigation possible
  • come up with the website structure to see what information each website page should contain

After this step, we start to write the statement of work with an in -depth details of every element, module, and features. Basically, this is the amount of work to be done on the project.  

We will send and explain the statement of work to client, when client approve the statement of work, we launch the development process, starting from graphic design.

4. UX and UI Design

The design work starts from the main page mock-up. When all the mock-ups are done the visual structure is approved by the client, the designer comes up with the first version of the website, We will show the design to client, if approved then we will move forward, if client says it was not good enough, then we will go for another version of website design, while keeping the current version. When client approve the design version, then we will move to next step.

5. Front-End Development

We are using HTML5, CSS3, and JS for website development. Additional attention was paid on how well the website looks in different devices and browsers. After this, we move next step.

6. Back-End Development

The back-end developer selects the right CMS platform, which will be used for developing and upgrading the website functionality, depending on the project requirements. After this we will go for website testing.

7. Testing

After the functionality is applied and the website is hosted accurately, we continue with testing:

  • the website appearance
  • functionality
  • admin panel

For us, testing is a type of quality assurance for the project before rolling it out. Testing allows us to correct minor and major bugs and remove even the least possibility that something can go wrong. After the website testing and fixing the bugs if found, then we will move forward.

8. Project Delivery

After the testing process, we give the client the administrative access to the website. And explains the client how the admin panel works and how to run the website.


The steps described above allows our clients to get the maximum result because they always keeping track of what’s going on.

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