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September 01, 2022 | Page views: 31


Address: Civic Center, Corporate 7, Gulberg Greens Executive Block Koral Town, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

Phone: 0512746051

Website: https://mpq.com.pk/

Find us: https://goo.gl/maps/oXtUU8hXBA5itJv18

In the once many decades, the real estate development in Pakistan has sprawled unbounded, with no standardized check or practices for construction and material quality, terrain impact, or the social fabric. The one member that has singularly suffered the most during these civic interventions has been the mortal experience.  The inhabitants of these sprawls has been subordinated to exaggerated prices and shy living norms.

Also, trade in Pakistan has suffered due to a lack of structure, which has directly impacted the growth and stability of the logistics sector and impacted numerous others. While the rest of the world is exponentially accelerating and enhancing its logistics to prove better progress. This has affected the end- stoner and the rise of e-commerce as well.

MAAKSONS and Pak Qatar have collectively observed these circumstances arise and have reached a collective understanding that it needs to be diverted towards a sustainable development model. This grave rise to a new coalition between the two pots of MAAKSONS- Pak Qatar (MPQ). We are devoted to creating a network that provides results and ease of vacuity and establishing a new avenue of sustainable development concentrated on perpendicular expansion rather of vertical spread and aims to arrival a new period of mortal- concentric progress.


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MPQ Developers PVT.LTD.
Updated on 2022-09-01

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MPQ Developers Website
Updated on 2022-09-01

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