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Best Web Design Company in Pakistan

Web Design Company in Pakistan

Webcomforts is one of the best web design companies working in Pakistan, while holding vast experience in web designing. That is one of the many reasons why we have large number of not only local but also international clients.
We have many creative and passionate people in our team, who like to think out of the box, so that they can provide creative designs to our customers. Our team members are highly qualified, experienced and possesses up to dated skills, technologies and competences to provide high quality products. We are also introducing new features like Flash animation to attract our customers.

Logo Designing

Logo for any business is very important to it because it is the unique identity of your business. We design logos which have some meaning or resemblance to your business because it is your unique identity and bring interest to your website.
Our Graphic designing panel have a wide range of experience by assisting many national and international firms in every part of designing to get maximum potential customers.

Recent Web Design Work

Our Web Design team has an extensive experience in Designing solutions by working with large number of local and International firms and Conglomerates.

Kensington Dental & Implant Centre, Islamabad - Web Design

KDIC Islamabad

Web Design, Development, SEO

Kensington Dental & Implant Centre aim at providing the same services as in UK to our patients in Islamabad. Our Dentists are working both in England and Pakistan to ensure these standards are always met.

Skylords Travel & Tours - Web Design

Skylords Travel & Tours

Web Design, Development, SEO

Skylords Travel & Tours Abbottabad is one of the leading travel and tours Agency with over 30,000 happy customers. You need not to look further than Skylords. We are confident of our experience and success stories.

Jobs Fixer - Web Design

Jobs Fixer - Jobs Portal

Web Design, Development, SEO

New job listing website that provides you daily updated job opportunities. JobsFixer is a job advertising site that makes job hunt much simpler by avoiding traditional time lagging and other steps.

Web Design Process

Let’s take a look at the types of milestones for the website design process:

1. Initial Contact

This step involves meeting with the customer and collecting data. It is amazingly crucial since it requires the designer to understand the customer's requirements, organization’s objectives and target audience.

Designers could ask questions and understand what the customer needs perfectly. This will help to save a lot of time and work during the web design process.

Designers may also have the customer complete a quick review so you can gather more insights about their vision.

2. Planning

Planning stage is another important step, because what's decided and mapped here sets the turning points and timetable for the whole web design project. This is additionally the phase that requires customer cooperation and the going with attention to detail.

In this stage, designers make the site-map and ensure that the customer has reviewed and approved them. When the site-map for the new website is finalised, designers may choose which technologies to utilize and then design wireframes.

3. Content

As we know the heart of every website is content. It is the thing that hooks your users and holds them returning for more.

A good content plan will expand the presence and ease of use of your site and in addition speed up web development. It's a smart idea to decide on the content before you get to the visual design cycle.

Keeping your content focused, fascinating, informative and valuable will all add to its allure.

The timeline for this stage varies greatly relying upon the number of pages and if the customer is speedy with giving the website designer all the content for the website. If the customer isn't prompt with giving all content to the pages, that will shut down the entire web design process.

4. Design

At the point when the visual plan cycle begins, the designer utilizes the content and wireframes to design pixel perfect mock-ups for the customer.

Website designer build up a landing page for the website, and additionally an inner website page to show near-precise colour, font sizes and precise placement of all the navigation and content elements.

Once the customer has had a change to investigate the initial designs, he has the chance to give feedback or request changes. Then designer continues with the procedure of adjusting the design until the customer's approval.

5. Development

With designs approved by the customer, it's a time flesh out the design of the pages, develop new content and refine old content that will show up on the site.

It also includes coding, validation, cross-platform and browser testing.

In this stage, designers ought to make a demo installation, so the customer may see and interact with the website pages as they are being developed.

6. Launch

Here comes the big day!

In this stage, designers should run through a final set of tests to make sure that everything is useful. When the webpage has been tested, reviewed and affirmed by every one of those associated with the project, it's time to launch the site for the viewing public.

When you launch the site, monitor it for user feedback and make alterations accordingly.

Keep in mind, that a site is a fluid medium that changes constantly. It is extremely important to keep it up-to-date and maintained.

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